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Stainless steel mixing tank/vessel

Product Detail Information
Technical parameters:
capacity wall thickness bottom thickness cover thickness dia.of discharge hole dia.of wheels (Φ×H)mm total height
100L 1mm 1.5mm 1.0mm 1 1/2 inches 3 inches 510×500 630mm
200L 2.0mm 2.0 inches 4 inches 620×670 850mm
300L 1.2mm 750×700 880mm
400L 1.5mm 800×800 980mm
500L 900×800 980mm
600L 2.0mm 980×800 980mm
800L 1130×800 980mm
1000L 3.0mm 3.0mm 1200×900 1080mm
1200L 1240×1000 1180mm
1500L 1400×1000 1180mm
2000L 1460×1000 1380mm

 P.S.: The cover is of double-half and central hole of  Φ100mm;3 wheels of 100L-600L tank and 4 of 800-1000L tank.