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BM500L basket sand mill

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BM500L basket sand mill

Application:This basket sand mill is widely used in many industries such as painting, ink, dyes, pigment, medical, papermaking and electronics.It's the ideal equipment for grinding and dispersion of solid and liquid phase suspending system.

Applying to multi-batch, multi-type and different-colored materials;Perfect solid and liquid phase dispersion and mixing;Fast dissolution and dispersion;Fine and even particles;And reliable and stable product quality.

It demonstrates stable performance and requires little daily maintenance.All parts and accessories of basket are made of high qulity stainless steel or tungsten carbide, erosion and wear resistant with long time usage.
The operation is very simple:choose the right type and specification of grinding and dispersion medium,fill up with it,confimr it's max temperature,operation time and speed of main shaft,switch on cooling water,and lower down the basket,then the operation can start.
Both basket cleaning and color change are convenient. 
The equipment is very economical in needs of grinding and dispersion medium.
It can set up the optimum grinding and dispersion strength according to the viscosity of material to assure the best grinding and dispersion quality.
Jacked cooling mixing tank

Pure zircona beads(CZY-95%).size of1.4-1.6mm.50kg is enough for 500L basket mill.

d. Main technical parameters

Mdels BM500
Mixing Tank Capacity (L) 500
Main Motor Power (KW) 18.5/22/30
Rotation of Main Shaft (rpm) 0-500
Pump Motor Power (KW) 1.5
Traveling Distance (mm) 1000