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LTD-Series Horizontal sand mill

Product Detail Information
Application LTD horizontal paint mill is the main equipment for producing suspension slurry of super fine particles through wet grinding and dispersion. It is widely applied to industries which require continuous grinding and dispersion of mixed suspension slurry of solid phase and liquid phase such as paint, ink, dyes, pigment, electronics, agriculture, correction fluid and cosmetics etc.
Mechanicalseal LTD horizontal sand mill adopts double-end sealing mechanism and intoduces pressure and cooling specific devices.It is the most complete and reliable bearing seal form all over the world,with long life cycle.
Grindingcylinder 1.Material:1)Inner cylinder:carbon steel(65Mn steel),stainless steel,special wear assistant steel or composite material
2)Outer cylinder:By chrome-plated on the surface of carbon tube
3)Cooling water jacket:chilled steel
Grindingdiscs 1.Material:1)Alloy steel quenching,the hardness can be up to HRC50
2)Stainless steel material:SUS304,SUS316 or SUS316L
3)Special platic material 2.Numbers:12pcs/set 3.Thickness:10mm
Grinding medium Zirconia beads for recommendation
Transmission pump 1''imported pneumatic diaphragm pump
Electrical control There's power-off protections for maximum operation temperature and pressure.
Explosion-proof devices Temperature meter,pressure meter and electrial control cabinet

b.Technical parameters:
Motor power:380V,50Hz,3P/220V-60Hz-3P (can be customized)

Model Capacity Of Cylinder Main Motor Power Grinding Discs Speed Medium-filling capacity Pump Delivery Numbers of discs Production Capacity Mixing media
LTD0505 5L 5.5kw 0-2200rpm 3-4.25L 0-10L/min 7pcs 15-200kg/h zirconia beads
LTD1515 15L 15kw 1200rpm 6.5-12.75L 0-17L/min 7pcs 30-300kg/h
LTD2015 20L 15/22kw 1020rpm 10-17L 9pcs 50-400kg/h
LTD3022 30L 22kw 1020rpm 15-25.5L 12pcs 50-600kg/h
LTD6030 60L 30kw 800rpm 30-51L 0-40L/min 12pcs 150-1200kg/h

c.Construction detail: